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rbiEXPERT - Overview

The rbiEXPERT service offers the ability to slice, dice, visualize and share market stats in a more intuitive fashion than any other Real Estate Business Intelligence tool on the market, at a fraction of competitors' cost. Focus group after focus group confirmed what now seems obvious - "Keep it Simple!"  Our aim is to offer both static and interactive charts, graphs, and metrics that can be generated and shared with clients with ease (and a minimal amount of time).  rbiEXPERT empowers even the most novice person the ability to instantly build tailored reports, sans training classes or hours of trial-and-error.      

rbiEXPERT is available exclusively for MRIS subscribers and is now available for $23.99 per month with the monthly subscription plan or $199.88 per year via the annual subscription plan --that's just $16.66 a month!   

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Market Gauges provide insight into how a geographic location is doing based upon various metrics. Each gauge gives the current month's value and places the minimum and maximum seasonal value from the past five years. Each gauge can be embedded on a website and update automatically each month.

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Slice and dice trends relevant to your specific market or selling scenario.  Apply filters or compare segments against the following statistics:

  • Number of Sold, Active, Pending, New listings
  • Average/Median Sold Price
  • Average/Median Days on Market
  • Average Sold Price to List Price

Embed and/or Export line, bar and data list views of your customized report.

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Print, share and embed charts from our growing inventory of static charts. Currently available charts include:

  • Median Sold Price, Average DOM, Total Sales
  • Pending Sales vs Active Sales
  • Average vs Median Sales Price
  • Average DOM
  • Historical Inventory vs Sales
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RBI's "Geo-Jump" bar provides the capability to zoom in or out to the geographic area of interest to you - giving you the ability to look at macro and micro geography market conditions. Geographic aggregates available include:

  • MLS
  • Regions
  • County
  • ZIP Code

The EXPLORE section allows you to see the geographic locations below the one you are viewing.    Choose a metric on the left and then view the values, year-over-year change as well as month-over-month change for the metric.   Use these metrics to find out what is hot and what is not.

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