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The new rbiBROKER product has been designed especially for Office Managers and Brokers and allows them to examine the productivity and market share for all offices, firms and agents within MRIS.  It introduces new metrics and capabilities that are not available in Matrix or rbiEXPERT.  Some new items include:

  • Agent and Office level statistics from one simple search.   Currently, multiple, time consuming searches in Matrix and additional manipulation in a product such as MS Excel are required to obtain the reports rbiBROKER provides.
  • Days to Settlement (DTS) is offered as a metric in addition to Days on Market (DOM).   DOM counts the days from Listing Date to Contract Date, while DTS counts the days from Contract Date to Settlement Date.
  • The Fell Through metric counts the number of listings that were in Contract or Contingent status and changed back to Active status.   
  • Ranking Quartiles are included with the Agent Summary report to quickly identify recruiting targets.
  • Productivity is calculated using both the list side and sales side of the transaction - providing a full picture of agent or office productivity.   
  • Performance Indicators such as Average DOM, Average List Price, Price Ratios and other statistics are available at the agent and office level.

Report results can be displayed on screen, or can be easily printed by choosing the Save PDF option, or can be exported to Microsoft Excel by choosing the Save CSV option.   Samples of the reports available are shown below.   Search Criteria that can be used with the various reports include: county, zip, office ID, agent ID, agent last name, # of transactions range, $ volume range, starting date and ending date.    

You can subscribe to rbiBROKER on a quarterly or annually basis. The quarterly subscription is $120 per quarter and the annual subscription is $408 per year.  The annual subscription represents a 15% Savings over the quarterly subscription.   Click here to SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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Examples of the reports are provided below or you can click here to view the rbiBROKER Video.

rbi pro box 1

DETAILED REPORT - Agent or Office

The Detailed Reports are broken into three sections - Activity, Sales and Inventory Details.

The ACTIVITY Section - Gives a look at what's in the system right now as well as during the time period searched.  Current activity in the system - including Number of Actives, Number of Contingents, and Number of Under Contracts.  Activity during period searched - includes the Number of listings that Fell Through (contract/contingents returning to Active status), Number of listings that Expired, Number of listings that were Withdrawn, Number of Sales Transactions (both sides counted), and Sales Transaction Volume (both sides counted)

The SALES SectionSales Transactions broken down by List Side, Both Sides, and Sales Side.  Metrics include: ‚ÄčCount of sales transactions, Average Days on Market (DOM), Average Days to Settle (DTS), Average Original List Price (OLP), Average List Price (LP), Average Sales Price (SP), SP:OLP Ratio, SP:LP Ratio, LP:OLP Ratio

The INVENTORY DETAILS SectionProvides the details of each listing involved with the following information and metrics: ‚ÄčListing ID, Zip, Status (Active, Contingent, Under Contract, Fell Through, Expired, Withdrawn, Sold), DOM, DTS (for Solds only), OLP, LP, SP (for Solds only), SP:OLP ratio (for Solds only), SP:LP ratio (for Solds only), LP:OLP ratio, List Side indicator, and Sales Side indicator

rbi pro box 2


The Office Summary / Market Share Report provides a quick glance at how a firm or branch is performing relative to other firms/branches.  Metrics included are: List Side Units, Sale Side Units, Total Units, List Side Volume, Sale Side Volume, and Total Volume.   Based upon the criteria entered, column totals are provided for all offices meeting the criteria.  Using these totals, the percentage of production for each metric is also provided.

rbi pro box 3


This report provides a quick look at the number of Transactions and Volume agents are producing as well as their quartile ranking.  The agent's name and office information are provided to help with recruiting efforts.   Each column is sortable to find a specific agent or sort by Transactions, Volume or Quartile rank.  Hyperlinks are available to quickly obtain the details about a particular agent or their office.

rbi pro box 4


The Agent Summary by Office Report groups the agents by office so you can view agent and office productivity simultaneously.  Similar to the Office Summary Report, it provides metrics about List, Sale and Total Units and Volume.   It also provides a quick look at the Units and Volume of On Market Listings (Active, Contingents and Under Contract).   Hyperlinks to the agent or office are available to quickly look at an individual or office.

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