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How to Build a Smarter Buyer

When working with a buyer, RBI helps you in three important ways:

  1. Searching for location. Start your search using Explore to see which areas have increasing or decreasing market activity. When exploring these regions, community elements such as the school system and the utilities are important, but so are the region’s real estate market trends. Knowing how a location responded to market events in the past signals important information, especially since most clients plan to sell at some point in the future.

  2. Determining Budget. Figuring out what your client truly wants can be tricky, largely because price is often the first thing on his or her mind. At RBI, you can see the median and average sold price of homes over time and simultaneously view important criteria such as the type of dwelling, square footage, number of bedrooms, and more. These statistics are good resources for attaching monetary values to certain features and can therefore help you and your client determine what’s really important.

  3. Negotiations with the Seller. RBI empowers you as the buyer’s agent during contract negotiations. With average Sold to Original List Price ratios in hand, you can assist your buyer to make an educated offer that’s supported by the facts. Focus on the relationship between time on market and the contract offer price to lend additional context to your offer. You can easily demonstrate how reasonable the list price is and what would be a reasonable selling price, earning respect from your client and from other agents


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RBI Subscribers Say...

“I sit down in front of my clients with an iPad and I can show information for a specific zip code and compare geographies, helping them make smarter decisions.”

Brian Block
Managing Broker, RE/MAX Allegiance


“On the buying side comparing zip codes is huge. You want to know if one looks more favorable as far as recent history”

Scott Saghirian
Associate Broker, Keller Williams Select