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How to Build Credibility

Credibility means everything to the modern, market-savvy buyer and seller. As a confident professional, you already know how to close transactions. RBI understands that building your reputation as the go-to-resource for market trends and up-to-date information can be a little trickier. RBI to the rescue!

You want to build trust with your clients. Here's how RBI can help:

  1. Reassure your client. Clients, especially the more modern crowd, know professional data when they see it. With RBI, demonstrate your expertise with data visualization depictions that look as good as you do. Win the client’s trust even before a listing or buying presentation by showing them a professional graph tailored to their location and interests.

  2. RBI takes the guessing out of guesswork. By providing stats filtered to key listing characteristics, you can confidently evaluate the market and make important decisions without hesitation. Your expanse knowledge of the local market assures your clients and strengthens their trust in you. Differentiate yourself from run of the mill agents still relying on generic market trends or anecdotes.

  3. RBI is a respected source of data. Our stats are easy to share with your client—proving that your suggestions about the market are ideas reinforced by a trusted source of information – the MLS. You increase your reliability when you are able to effortlessly present data that supports your market decisions. Clients these days have access to a lot of information, but often they come from less-reputable or overly generalized sources. You’ll be able to overcome these misconceptions and solidify your role as the market expert by providing customized, specific statistics. Build your credibility by restoring the main role of an agent: provide your clients with accurate, timely market information straight from the MLS.

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RBI Subscribers Say...

“I feel confident showing clients real time, hard numbers so they understand their market””

Brian Block
Managing Broker, RE/MAX Allegiance


“To truly be a Neighborhood Specialist, I have to be able to dig deep into the market statistics. RBI gives me exactly what I need!”

Geoff Schwartzmann
REALTOR®, Weichert Realtors


“RBI makes it so easy to delve into the numbers we need, real-time, while providing attractive, easy to understand charts and graphs that make us look good and help our clients get the real picture.”

Susan Haughton
REALTOR®, Long & Foster