2011 Year-End Reports Available

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Corey Hart



The 2011 yearly reports by county are now available and, for the first time ever, RBI subscribers can also access these annual reports at ZIP Code and regional levels! Click here for an example of a year-end ZIP Code report or visit the Reports tab on any Geo page to see a list of the reports now available.

Quick Q&A...

As an rbiEXPERT or rbiPRO subscriber, do I get any additional content in the Detailed Reports category?

Yes. Not only can you keep up-to-date on Year-To-Date comparisons with the new time aggregate reports we announced a few weeks back, you'll also be able to view the "official" Year End Reports at the ZIP code level. This more granular report is for subscribers only, and should be integrated into your local trends discussion with any potential buyer or seller over the next few months. Then, come April 10th, you'll be able to access the Q1 report to continue reporting key trends for logical time ranges during your client discussions.


Why wait until February to publish official Year-End Reports?

MRIS has historically pulled the previous year's aggregate stats in the mid-February timeframe in order to allow for any procrastinating agents out there to submit closed transactions from last year, and RBI will be following the same schedule.

This release date is based on the MLS-mandated Feb. 1 deadline for agents to submit any outstanding comparable data for the prior year to the system. Because these one-time annual snapshots offer valuable trending comparisons against prior years, it is critical that we follow the same methodology to prevent users from comparing apples and oranges.

We have had requests to publish year-end statistics earlier than February. To accomplish this, we will be changing the process for year-end statistics in 2012.  MRIS will be asking you to enter your comparables throughout the year instead of waiting until January.  This will allow us to provide the year-end statistics on the 10th of January along with December statistics instead of in February.  So look for reminders from RBI and MRIS throughout the year to enter your comparables each month!

Is the new Yearly Report by ZIP code only available for 2011?

No. This new feature - Yearly Detailed reports for ZIP and Region - is available historically back to 1997 for RBI subscribers. To see historical reports, go to Stats page of the Geo you're interested in and click the "Yearly" button under the Reports tab (below the map). Then choose any previous year from the "Select Time Period" section and hit Go.

What reports can non-RBI subscribers access?

As MRIS/RBI have done in the past, we'll continue to offer any visitor access to the Year-End reports for any county in the MRIS footprint. To find the report for your county, go to that county's page within the Statistics section, then click on the "Yearly" button under report options. To learn more about rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT features and to see examples of other RBI reports available to our subscribers, click here.

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