Sterling's 20164 - The zippiest ZIP in the DC area

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Corey Hart



As reported in the RBI Housing Market Update for April, homes sold in the DC Metro area are spending a median of 11 days on the market, the lowest level for the region in 8 years. Yesterday, we provided our friends over at DC Urban Turf with the Top 10 fastest moving ZIP codes in DC and DC Metro area (see their article here). 

Here's UrbanTurf's chart for the DC area:

But, if we had to award a Gold Medal in the April sales sprint, it would go to Sterling's 20164.

How did it rise above the two ZIP codes with an even lower Median DOM (Vienna/22180 and Alexandria/22305) to win this coveted (fake) trophy? We threw Average (mean) DOM into the mix.

As you can see below, even ZIP codes where half the homes sold in 5 days or less often contain outliers that could drive up the average DOM to around a month or more.  But 20164 is an exception, with the 39 homes sold there averaging only 9 days!



Why are sellers having such (fast) success in this ZIP code?  For one thing, the Silver Line Metrorail extension makes this an appealing spot for potential home buyers. Couple that with the relative affordability of homes in this ZIP code compared to their neighbors, and it's no wonder it took home the gold in April.

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