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The terms below are for items associated only with the rbiBROKER product.  Other terminology for general statistics can be found under Support/Terminology.


Both Sides - Indicates the agent was both the Listing and Selling agent of the property.

Days on Market (DOM) - Days on Market represents the days elapsed from the listing date to the contract date.

Days to Settlement (DTS) - Days to Settlement represents the days elapsed from the contract date to the settlement date.

Fell Through - Number of listings that changed to Active status from Under Contract, Contingent with Kickout or Contingent without Kickout during the time period searched.

List Side - Indicates the agent was only the Listing Agent of the property.

On Market - The Agent Summary by Office report displays On Market units and volume.  This represents the listings with the status of Active, Contingent (with or without kickout) and Under Contract.

Sales Side - Indicate the agent was only the Selling Agent of the property.

Status - The following are the status abbreviations found on the Inventory Details section of the detailed reports.   Active (A), Contingent (C), Under Contract (U), Sold (S), Withdrawn (W), and Expired (E).

Transactions - All of the productivity reports count both the List side of the transaction as well as the Sales side of the transaction.   Any references to Number of Transactions or Volume will be for both sides of the transaction.


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