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What is rbiBROKER?

rbiBROKER is a management tool that allows you analyze market share or productivity for an office.  It also allows you to monitor productivity of your agents or agents you would like to recruit.  It's easy-to-use and allows you to run reports that take multiple steps if you do it in Matrix or other products.

How does rbiBROKER differ from searching in Matrix for productivity information?

In Matrix, you can either search by Listing Agent ID or by Selling Agent ID, but you cannot search by both simultaneously.  Also, the statistics rbiBROKER provides for the agent, office or listing are not all available in Matrix.  For instance, the average DOM for an agent or office is provided with rbiBROKER.   Also, OLP:SP ratios are provided at the listing, agent and office level with rbiBROKER.

How do I get to rbiBROKER?

The URL is  This will take you to the login screen.   If you need to subscribe, choose the Subscribe Now link to the left of the login information.

Do you have webinars on how rbiBROKER works?

If you would like to attend a private webinar on how to use the product, email us at    Otherwise, we do have a demonstration video -- you can click here to view the rbiBROKER Video.

Are there System Requirements for my computer?

No.  Unlike other competing products, there is no software needed for rbiBROKER. It just uses your computer's browser.

What is the Fell Through metric on the detailed reports?

This is a new metric that counts the number of listings that returned to Active status from either Contingent or Under Contract status during the time period searched.    This is a new metric not available in Matrix.

What is the Days to Settle (DTS) metric on the detailed reports?

This is a new metric that counts the number of days between Contract Date and Settlement Date - Days to Settlement (DTS). This is a new metric and is not available in Matrix.

How do you use the wildcard search for Office ID?

On the search screen, you can enter a full Office ID or a partial if you want to search for all offices within one company.  See the example below.

I want to search for more than one office or agent, how do I do it?

To search for more than one agent, enter their ID's in the Agent ID.  Enter them with commas in between and do not enter any spaces (i.e. 12345,9999).  To search for more than one office, you can use the wildcard search as shown above or enter the specific IDs in the Office ID.  Enter them with commas in between and do not enter any spaces (i.e. MCE1,LNG52).

Can I export the information in the reports?

Yes, click on Save CSV to look at the data in a spreadsheet or choose Save PDF if you want to print the information.

How much is rbiBROKER?

The rbiBROKER product's regular price is $120/quarter or $408/annually.  The annual price represents a 15% discount over the quarterly price. 

Why is rbiBROKER not included with rbiEXPERT?

rbiBROKER a completely different product, designed to assist brokerage management in analyzing their market share, agent production figures and recruiting. rbiEXPERT, on the other hand, is designed to help real estate professionals understand and explain market trends to their buyers and sellers.

How current is the data?

The data is processed daily from the MLS.   Historical data is available for the past 3 years as well as the current year.

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