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Posted on July 12, 2011 by Corey Hart



RBI subscribers may have already noticed a bit more awesome in the interactive charts they've embedded on their websites.

No, not just the fact that your websites have updated statistics on the 10th of the month without any further work on your end (though awesome, that's been in place since rbiPRO was launched). The new awesome is more subtle - we've changed our charting engine over to HighCharts ( for a more contemporary look and feel and improved functionality.

It was essentially a plumbing change and we took care that the underlying technology wouldn't interrupt those charts that have already been shared by our the following improvements are showing up on our site and yours:




  • Cleaner, more professional look and feel.
  • Even faster load time. 
  • On load, bars and lines have a transition-in effect, giving the charts a little more pizzazz.
  • Cleaner on-hover info bubbles and line display. You should notice it's easier to discern which series is being depicted when you roll your cursor over a particular line or column.
  • Once you've embedded a multi-series chart on your site, YOUR visitors can turn the series on or off by clicking on the legend. The chart will space out the remaining series accordingly!


A few examples

(Remember to hover and click around to see the effects!)






Now all of our interactive charts, along with the export and embed features, are coming from the updated engine, and anyone who has charts embedded will now have new charts on their site completely seamlessly. This wasn't done solely for short-term improvements, it also gives us more flexibility in creating visuals moving forward. rbiMOBILE, a smartphone tool exclusively for rbiEXPERT subscribers scheduled for Beta release this month, will serve up stats from our HighCharts engine.  Stay tuned...

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hahaha...I can't pull off the

hahaha...I can't pull off the hipster look quite that well!

Nice Corey! The new charting

Nice Corey! The new charting feature looks fantastic. Is that a self-portrait? ;-)

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